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M81071 DB Br218 track maintenance train Ep6 £235.00

M81176 Blauer Enzian V 200 + 5 streamlined coaches, insider £275.00

M81362 Br39 steam loco + working snow plough Ep3 £220.00

M81409 DB Br261 + 4 Auto Transport Wagons with car loads £135.00

M82540 SBB sugar beet harvest 5 wagon set Ep6 £140.00

M88010 Br01 pacific super detailed valve gear £199.00

M88011 Br01 Steam express Witte deflectors super detailed £199.00

M88086 BrE 19 electric DB green livery Ep3 £160.00

M88100 Senator high speed 5 diesel railcar DB silver Ep3 £290.00

M88123 Br58 steam loco black livery DB Ep3 £135.00

M88193 Br189 DBAG/Railion red electric Ep6 £155.00

M88273 Br41 2-8-2 fast freight steam loco Ep3 £150.00

M88274 Br42 2-8-2 fast freight steam loco Ep3 £150.00

M88293 Bavarian Mallet super detailed green livery Ep1 £260.00

M88294 Br96 Mallet detailed valve gear insider model Ep3 £260.00

M88370 Br246 Metronom Diesel yellow/white livery Ep6 £158.00

M88384 BrE 139 electric with graffiti logo blue/white Ep6 £150.00

M88385 BrE 110 electric DBAG red livery Ep6 £160.00

M88435 Br243 electric “RBG” livery Ep6 £159.00

M88436 Br243 DR electric red/white stripe Ep4 £145.00

M88492 USA Pennsylvania GG1 electric Tuscan Red. Ep3 £140.00

M88530 “150 years Marklin” Br120.1 electric loco Ep6 £150.00

M88590 Re 4/4 II SBB electric green livery Ep5 £150.00

M88591 Re 4/4 II SBB electric red livery Ep5 £150.00

M88628 USA E8a “Southern Pacific” livery Ep3 £150.00

M88629 USA E8a Diesel “Pennsylvania” livery Ep3 £150.00

M88675 BrE 101 “starlight express” electric Ep5 £150.00

M88735 601 Diesel Railcar “Blue Star train” (very limited) £415.00

M88943 DB Br94.5 0-10-0 tank black Ep3 £155.00

M88910 Br18.4 steam loco super detailed valve gear DRG Ep2 £180.00

M88999 Baden P8 steam tender loco 4-6-0 blue Ep1 £149.00

M89805 Laser cut loco maintenance facility loco shed coaling etc £45.00

M89941 Electric Traverser with controller £175.00